During a BSEE-directed unannounced exercise in the Gulf of Mexico (April 2013) offshore operator Noble Energy shipped this 600-ton capping stack to a simulated well hole 5, 047 feet below the surface.
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BSEE Researcher Attends International Oil Spill Response Seminar and Exercise in Norway


Late last month the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s (BSEE) Kristi McKinney travelled to Bergen, Norway to participate in the annual international seminar hosted by the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association (NOSCA). McKinney, who is a Research Specialist in the Bureau’s Oil Spill Response Division, was invited to speak to the international audience about oil spill planning and preparedness in U.S. territorial waters. She highlighted current research within the Oil Spill Response Division and explained BSEE and operator requirements for oil spill planning and preparedness. The seminar was attended by over 90 international researchers and responders.

While there, McKinney observed the 2014 Oil on Water Exercise offshore at the Frigg oil field in the North Sea, organized annually by the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies. This exercise was a unique opportunity to view various oil spill response equipment in operation during a field release of oil. McKinney stated, “This was an excellent opportunity to get a close look at how Norway coordinates an exercise of this magnitude and view the various technologies working together in an actual field operation.” Technologies, including mechanical collection and recovery equipment and various remote-sensing technologies, were demonstrated and tested. The exercise engaged vessels, equipment and personnel from all key players such as the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the Norwegian Coast Guard, the oil companies, and the local intermunicipal organizations.

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Norway Exercise