During a BSEE-directed unannounced exercise in the Gulf of Mexico (April 2013) offshore operator Noble Energy shipped this 600-ton capping stack to a simulated well hole 5, 047 feet below the surface.
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Current Safety Alerts


Safety Alerts are tools used by BSEE to inform the offshore oil and gas industry of the circumstances surrounding an incident or a near miss. They also contain recommendations that should help prevent the recurrence of such an incident on the OCS. Previous Safety Alerts located here.

Current Safety Alerts
Safety Alert Number   Title Date Issued
No. 320 Automatic Pipe Handling System Drops Drill Pipe 06/27/2016
No. 319 Chemical Injection Point Corrosion Causes Production Header Failure 02/29/2016
No. 318 Connector and Bolt Failures  02/02/2016
No.317 Catastrophic Incident Avoided 06/12/2015
No. 316 Aviation Near Miss 06/12/2015
No. 315 Dynamic Positioning System Failures on Offshore Supply Vessels Engaged in Oil and Gas Operations in the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf 02/24/2015
No. 314 Operator Electrocuted Trying to Charge a Battery 09/23/2014
No. 313 Snake Grip Failure on Drill Line 07/31/2014
No. 312 Dynamic Positioning System Failures On Vessels Other Than Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (Vessels)  05/20/2014
No. 311 Methane Venting Hazard to Helicopter Operations 05/01/2014
No. 310 Hydraulic Workover Unit Toppled by Waterspout 03/19/2014
No. 309 Misuse of Beam Clamps as Ground  03/19/2014
No. 308 Overloading Leads to Catastrophic Failure of Crane Boom   03/19/2014
No. 307 Lower Stairwell Step Collapses Causing Injury   03/19/2014
No. 306 Trapped Pressure Beneath a Tubing Plug Blows Work String from Well 03/19/2014
No. 22 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Release from Piping Corrosion Failure Near a Weld 02/28/2014
No. 21 Pollution from Production Operations Due to Improper Diversion of Production Flow and Rupture Disc Failure  01/13/2014
No. 305 Explosion, Fire and Fatalities West Delta Block 32 Platform E   11/25/2013
No. 304 Boom Hoist Wire Rope Failure Results in Fatality 02/01/2013
No. 303 Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) Connector Failure 01/29/2013
No. 302 Pressure beneath a Surface Bridge Plug Blows Work String out of Well 07/02/2012
No. 301 Fall/Fatality during P&A/Platform Abandonment: Supervision, Operational, Equipment, and Organization Errors 04/13/2012
No. 300 Unplanned Emergency Disconnect Sequence (EDS) of the Lower Marine Riser Package 03/09/2012
No. 299 Failure to Properly Bleed Tubing Hanger Void Results in Injury   01/31/2012
No. 298 Electric Line Failure from Corrosion Results in Injury   12/30/2011
No. 10 Safety Alert for the Macondo Well Blowout   11/10/2011
No. 297 Potable Water Pressure Tank Bladder Rupture   09/29/2011
No. 9 SAFETY ALERT: Heater-Treater Fire Forces Evacuation of Platform   05/25/2011
No. 296 Catastropic Failures in Mooring Systems Possibly Put Floating Structures at Risk 05/12/2011
No. 295 Compressor Fire Resulting from Separated Fuel Line Coupling   04/06/2011
No. 294 Blowout Preventer Automatic Mode (Deadman) Activation 04/14/2011
No. 293 Platform RTU Battery Charger Fire 03/21/2011
No. 292 Synthetic Base Mud (SBM) Inadvertently Discharged Overboard 02/22/2011
No.291 Cutting into Process Piping Results in Pollution Event 01/10/2011
No. 290 Plugged Flame Arrestor Results in Rupture of Oil Storage Tanks 10/14/2010
No. 289 Failure to Follow Lock-Out/Tag-Out Procedures Results in Gas Release   09/27/2010
No. 288 Pipe Handling Operations Result in Fatality 07/07/2010
No. 287 Hot Bolting Fire 06/06/2010
No. 2 Safety Alert on the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Fire Resulting in Multiple Fatalities and Release of Oil   04/30/2010