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Safety and Environmental Videos


December 20, 2013- As we look towards 2014 we will continue to build a culture of safety, with a strong focus on risk reduction.

June 27, 2013- As BSEE Safety Month draws to a close, the Bureau released today a video highlighting the work of Hurricane Response Team members in monitoring potential impact and damage to oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

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June 25, 2013- In this third part of BSEE's video showcase for safety month, the Bureau hears from Rose Capers-Webb, BSEE's Safety & Occupational Health Manager.

Director's Corner

June 20, 2014- Last week the offshore community suffered a tragic loss when a helicopter carrying a passenger to a platform crashed into the Gulf of Mexico, taking the lives of both the pilot and the passenger. This followed another incident that occurred at the end of May, when a helicopter departing a rig with six people on board had to make an emergency landing in the water. Thankfully there were no injuries associated with this earlier incident, but it still underscores the risk that must be accounted for and the importance of aviation safety.


Safety Culture Lessons from the GM Ignition Switch Internal Investigation
By: Michael Farber, Senior Advisor to the Director

July 15, 2014 - General Motors (GM) recently released the findings of its internal investigation into the various failures that led to 12 fatalities and many injuries resulting from collisions caused by faulty ignitions switches in a number of its models. The company found that the ignition switches failed to keep the cars powered in certain circumstances, but they initially did not understand that this failure would prevent airbags from deploying. The internal investigation determined that there were at least 54 frontal-impact collisions in which airbags did not deploy as a result of the faulty ignition switches. GM used the faulty switches for 11 years without issuing any type of recall.


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