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Research Records

BSEE actively researches and evaluates current and emerging technologies for operations ranging from the drilling of oil and gas exploration wells to the removal of platforms and related infrastructure in an ongoing effort to reduce risks across all offshore operations. For more information about research opportunities, please visit the Submitting Proposals page.

Research Records List

Progress Date
Project Number Program Title Performing Activity Category Status Progress Date
OSRR-1051-Tagging of Oil Under Ice for Future Recovery URS Group, Inc. Remote Sensing, Decision Making Support Tools, Arctic Completed
OSRR Operational Limits of Chemical Herders Applied Research Associates, Inc. Arctic, Chemical Treating Agents
TAP Effects of Tripping and Swabbing in Drilling and Completion Operations BOURGOYNE ENGINEERING LLC Drilling
OSRR-520-Summary Report of Activities at the Minerals Management Service Ohmsett Facility ATRP Corporation Cancelled
OSRR 2016 Update of Occurrence Rates for Offfshore Oil Spills ABS Consulting Inc. Decision Making Support Tools Completed
TAP-202-Methodologies for Platform Requalifications University of California at Berkeley Structures Completed
TAP-597-Assessment of Superstructure Ice Protection As Applied to Offshore Oil Operations Safety U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), Hanover, NH Structures Completed
TAP-483-CFD Simulation of Ocean Turbulence Interactions with Spar Platforms OTRC Structures, Deepwater Cancelled
TAP-089-Wave Erosion of a Frozen Berm Arctec Incorporated Arctic Completed
OSRR Emergency Response Exercise Best Practices PCCI, Inc. Completed
OSRR Dispersant Effectiveness Testing on Heavy OCS Crude Oils at Ohmsett S.L.. Ross Environmental Research, Ltd. Oil Spill Response, Chemical Treating Agents, Ohmsett Completed
OSRR-427-Dispersant Effectiveness Test Protocol Development for Ohmsett S.L. Ross Environmental Research Limited and MAR, Inc. Ohmsett Completed
OSRR Combining Mineral Fines with Chemical Dispersants to Disperse Oil in Low Temperature and Low Mixing Energy Environments Department of Fisheries and Oceans - Canada Oil Spill Response, Arctic, Chemical Treating Agents, Behavior of Oil Completed
TAP-690-The Effect of Deformation Damage on the Mechanical Behavior of Sea Ice: Ductile-to-Brittle Transition, Elastic Modulus and Brittle Compressive Strength Dartmouth College, Ice Research Laboratory Structures Completed
TAP Fatigue of Sea Ice: A Wave-Induced Process of Rapid Self-Destruction Dartmouth College In Progress
OSRR-1016-Comparative Testing of Corexit EC9500A, Finasol OSR 52, Accell Clean DWD, and ZI 400 at Ohmsett in a Simulated Arctic Environment Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Chemical Treating Agents, Arctic Completed
TAP-650-Offshore Wind Turbine Inspection Refinements Energo Engineering, Inc. Structures Completed
1 TAP Underwater Inspection/Testing/Monitoring of Offshore Structures Busby Associates Completed
2 TAP Dynamic Response of Offshore Structures Massachusetts Institute of Technology Structures Completed
3 TAP Incipient Crack Detection in Offshore Structures Daedalean Associates, Inc. Materials, Structures Completed
4 TAP Cavitating Water Jet Cleaning Nozzle Daedalean Associates, Inc. Mechanical Containment and Recovery, Materials Completed
5 TAP Attenuating Surface Waves in a Localized Region of the Open Ocean Stevens Institute of Technology Production, Structures Completed
6 TAP Research Program Advisory Marine Board, National Academy of Engineering Structures Completed
7 TAP Unmanned, Untethered Inspection Vehicle Technology (the EAVE Program) Naval Ocean Systems Center University of New Hampshire Structures Completed
8 TAP Blowout Prevention Procedures for Deepwater Drilling Louisiana State University Deepwater, Drilling Completed
9 TAP Ultrasonic Flowmeter Evaluation Harry Diamond Laboratories Drilling, Production, Production Measurement Completed
10 TAP Subsea Inspection Harry Diamond Laboratories Drilling, Production, Structures Completed
11 TAP Portable Data Recorder for USGS inspectors Harry Diamond Laboratories Production Completed
12 TAP Technology Assessment Harry Diamond Laboratories Drilling Completed
13 TAP Fluidic Pulser for Mud Pulse Telemetry Harry Diamond Laboratories Drilling Completed
14 TAP Fluidic Sensor for Hydrocarbon & Hydrogen Sulfide Gas TriTec Corporation Air Quality, Drilling, Production Completed
15 TAP Hardhat Communicator Harry Diamond Laboratories Human Factors Completed
16 TAP Technology Assessment for Outer Continental Shelf, Oil and Gas Operations in the Arctic Ocean Energy Interface Associates Arctic, Drilling Completed
17 TAP Fire Suppression Technology Harry Diamond Laboratories Drilling, Production Completed
18 TAP Overpressured Marine Sediments Texas A&M Research Foundation Drilling, Geotechnical Completed
19 TAP Hurricane - Driven Ocean Currents Shell Research Structures Completed
20 TAP Toxic Effects of Drill Mud on Coral U.S. Geological Survey - Fisher Island Station Drilling Completed
21 TAP Underwater Acoustic Telemetry Ocean Electronic Applications, Inc. Drilling Completed
22 TAP TAP-022-Pattern Recognition Technology General Sensors Drilling Completed
23 TAP Incipient Structural Failure by the Random Decrement Method University of Maryland Structures Completed
24 TAP Technology Assessment for Estimating Hydrocarbons Lost During a Blowout Coastal Petroleum Associates, Inc. Drilling Completed
25 TAP Overpressures Developed by Shaped Explosive Charges Used to Remove Wellheads Naval Surface Weapons Center, White Oak, Maryland Decommissioning Completed
26 TAP Detection and Suppression of Wellhead Fires National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building and Fire Research Laboratory Production Completed
27 TAP Technology Assessment for Cementing Shallow Casings Maurer Engineering Drilling, Production Completed
28 TAP Casing Wall Thickness Technology NDE Technology, Inc. Drilling, Production Completed
29 TAP Deepwater Structures Technology Assessment Battelle, Houston, Texas Deepwater, Structures Cancelled
30 TAP Acoustic Imaging Technology for Underwater Inspection Naval Ocean Systems Center Structures Completed
31 TAP Technology Assessment for Offshore Pile Design Carnegie - Mellon University Structures Completed
32 TAP Recapture of Oil from Blowing Wells Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Containment and Recovery, Drilling Completed
33 TAP Vibration Monitoring of Offshore Structures The Aerospace Corporation Structures Completed