Validating and Expanding the Dispersant Spray Drift Decision Support Tool

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Craig Dillon-Gibbons
Contracting Agency
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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This project is a follow-on to Project 1070 Developing an Innovative Dispersant Spray Model, where AMOG Consulting developed the Dispersant Spray Drift (DSD) tool.  The DSD is intended to help spill response planners identify operational windows and setback distances based on weather conditions, aircraft types, dispersant spray systems and release rates. Project 1115 will aim to validate any previous assumptions, expand the DSD to include new oil spill response aircraft,  and add concentration contours to the output display to improve the user interface.

Latest progress update

The final deliverable for this project was completed in July 2021, and an independent Peer Review contract was awarded to Wood Environment & Infrastructure Inc. on June 30, 2022. This peer review panel will be comprised of six independent subject matter experts, and the estimated completion date of the peer review is December 15, 2022.

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