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OCS Operation Forms

The forms on this page have been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). OMB approved the paperwork burdens and assigned an approval expiration date to each form. Should a form display an 'expired' OMB approval date, please be advised that we have submitted that form to OMB for review and approval. While at OMB, the expired approval date is automatically extended on a month-by-month basis until it is approved and assigned a new expiration date. You may view any information collection that is under review at the OMB web site.

Pipeline Section
BSEE-0149 Assignment of Federal OCS Pipeline Right-of-Way Grant --  Reporting Instructions
Drilling and Operation
BSEE-0123 Application for Permit to Drill (APD)  
BSEE-0123S Supplemental APD Information Sheet 
BSEE-0124 Application for Permit to Modify (APM) 
BSEE-0125 End of Operations Report (EOR) 
BSEE-0131 Performance Measures Data -- Reporting Instructions 
BSEE-0133 Well Activity Report (WAR) -- Tool Code List   (updated 05/18/2022) 
BSEE-0133S Open Hole Data Report  (Supplement to the Well Activity Report) 
BSEE-0135 Identification of ROW Pipeline Operator
BSEE-0143 Facility/Equipment Damage Report 
BSEE-0144   Rig Movement Notification Report 
BSEE-0126 Well Potential Test Report (WPT) 
BSEE-0128 Semiannual Well Test Report (SWTR)
BSEE-0132 Hurricane and Tropical Storm Evacuation and Production Curtailment Statistics - Gulf of Mexico OCS Region (GOMR)