During a BSEE-directed unannounced exercise in the Gulf of Mexico (April 2013) offshore operator Noble Energy shipped this 600-ton capping stack to a simulated well hole 5, 047 feet below the surface.
Platforms Ellen and Elly offshore near Long Beach, Calif in BSEE’s Pacific Region. Ellen (right) is a production platform connected by a walkway to Platform Elly (left), a processing platform for both Ellen and another platform, Eureka.
Alaska’s Northstar Island in the Beaufort Sea, built of gravel six miles off the Alaska coastline. Built during the winter months of 2000, it has been in operation since 2001.
Testing oil spill containment equipment is a critical part of BSEE's mission protecting safety and the environment on the Outer Continental Shelf. Some testing is done at Ohmsett National Oil Spill Response Research Facility in BSEE's 2.6 million-gallon salt water tank for simulating ocean conditions.

News Briefs


12/16/2014 - T​he Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s (BSEE) David M. Moore ​recently ​traveled to Seattle, Wash., for a meeting of the Arctic Council Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response (EPPR) Working Group.

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12/09/2014 - As part of the US Department of the Interior’s commitment to bridging the gap between young people and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, BSEE hosted high school students in San Antonio, Texas during this year’s Clean Gulf conference.  Seniors from Brackenridge High School’s advanced placement environmental science class were invited as guests of BSEE during the first day of the conference.

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FLETC Class 2014 Thumb

12/05/2014 - ​Today, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Director Brian Salerno delivered the commencement address to the first class of graduates of the Offshore Incident Investigations Training Program (OIITP), held at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, South Carolina.

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