Alaska’s Northstar Island in the Beaufort Sea, built of gravel six miles off the Alaska coastline. Built during the winter months of 2000, it has been in operation since 2001.
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Fees for Services


  • Effective June 1, 2015 the U.S. Treasury has changed the Credit Card payment limit from $49,999.99 to $24,999.99 for Paygov payments. The ACH (electronic check) remittance is to be used for payments greater than $24,999.99.
  • Effective October 1, 2013 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement issued an adjustment of service fees for thirty-one Outer Continental Shelf activities.  For additional information, please see the associated Federal Register Notice.
Production & Development Pipeline Refund
Miscellaneous Collections Royalty Rate Relief
Facility & Well Permits Structures Exploration & Development Plans Appeals FOIA Bill for Collection

Miscellaneous Collections

Service Cost
Includes; Jury Duty, Travel Voucher Repayment, Centrally Billed Repayment, Vendor, etc) varies
Ohmsett Collections varies


Service Cost
Appeals $150
Open Access Complaints $7,500

Production and Development

Service Cost
Suspensions of operations/suspensions of production $2,123
500 feet from lease/unit line production request $3,892
Gas cap production request $4,953
Downhole commingling request $5,779
Voluntary unitization proposal or unit expansion $12,619
Unitization revision $896
Surface commingling & measurement application varies
Royalty Relief Application varies


Service Cost
Pipeline ROW grant application $2,771
Pipeline ROW grant assignment $201
Pipeline application modification - ROW $4,169
Pipeline conversion of lease term to ROW $236
New pipeline application - Lease Term $3,541
Pipeline application modification - Lease Term $2,056
Pipeline repair notification $388
Application to decommission a pipeline - ROW $2,170
Application to decommission a pipeline - Lease Term $1,142

Facility and Well Permits

Service Cost
Application for permit to drill $2,113
Application for permit to modify $125
New facility production safety system application varies
Modification production safety system application varies

Structures (or Platforms)

Service Cost
Platform application installation under platform verification program $22,734
Platform application - fixed structure under the platform approval program $3,256
Platform application - Caisson well protector $1,657
Platform application - Modification $3,884
Application to remove a platform $4,684

Exploration and Development Plans

Service Cost
Deepwater Operations Plan $3,599