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Scientific Integrity and Information Quality

Scientific Integrity and Information Quality

BSEE is committed to creating a culture that supports scientific integrity. Our mission of safety, environmental protection, and resource conservation requires us to understand the latest advances impacting the offshore energy industry. In pursuit of its mission, BSEE oversees studies and partners with scientific committees, other federal agencies, and academics to ensure that our decisions incorporate these advances in scientific and technical understandings. Scientific integrity is critical to ensuring sound decisions and maintaining the public’s trust. A loss of integrity can occur if scientific information is used improperly (including fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism of science) to make decisions, formulate policy, and prepare materials for public information activities. Integrity is essential for credibility.

BSEE adheres to the Department of the Interior (DOI) policy on Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities (305 DM 3). BSEE supports and adopts this policy. BSEE does not tolerate any attempts to manipulate information, pressure our scientists, or engage in any activities that could lead to even the perception of a loss of scientific integrity. The DOI policy provides for a thorough process to report incidents of potential loss of scientific integrity and a fair process to investigate such reports. Decisions based on quality science are the foundation of BSEE's commitment to excellence, and adherence to this DOI policy is important in helping us maintain sound stewardship of our Nation's OCS resources.

For more information on the Department’s policy and contact information for the BSEE Scientific Integrity Officer, visit the DOI Scientific Integrity Webpage.

Information Quality

In February 2002, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a directive that all federal agencies issue and implement Information Quality Guidelines. In response to this directive, DOI issued and implemented guidelines to ensure and maximize the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information disseminated by its bureaus and offices. BSEE’s information quality guidelines can be found at the link below. BSEE also follows information quality guidelines issued by DOI and OMB.

Requests for Correction of Information

If you believe that information BSEE has disseminated does not meet the OMB or DOI Information Quality Guidelines, you may file a request for correction at the address below, with a copy to the BSEE Office that disseminated the information.

Mailing Address:
BSEE Information Quality
Office of Policy and Analysis
1849 C Street, NW, MS-5438
Washington, DC 20240

Or by email:

BSEE Information Quality Act Requests for Correction and Responses


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