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Response System Planning Calculators

BSEE, in collaboration with Genwest, Inc., developed a set of response system planning calculators for mechanical recovery (ERSP), in situ burning (EBSP), and surface-applied dispersants (EDSP). These products are now publicly available and can be downloaded below. The use of these tools is currently not required for the submission of an oil spill response plan (OSRP); however, BSEE believes these calculators are best practices and offer significant improvements in estimating the capabilities of oil spill response systems. BSEE encourages plan holders to consider using these tools in the preparation and submission of OSRPs. BSEE may use these calculators as an additional evaluation tool when reviewing OSRPs for compliance with existing regulations.

For Mechanical Recovery:

For In Situ Burning:

For Surface-Applied Dispersants:

The ERSP, EBSP, and EDSP Calculators are intended as planning tools for estimating the potential of different oil spill response systems to mitigate (recover, burn or disperse) discharged oil relative to one another. These planning tools are NOT intended to be used as models for calculating system performance during an actual oil spill, which is affected by many additional factors not included in these Calculators.

BSEE and Genwest also developed an additional product called the Recovery System Evaluation Tool (ReSET), designed to aid plan holders and OSROs in understanding how changes made to a mechanical recovery system will result in different outcomes in the ERSP Calculator.

If you have any additional questions or feedback regarding these planning tools, please contact either the BSEE OSPD Section in your area, or John Caplis, at BSEE Headquarters in Sterling, VA, at 703-787-1364 or john.caplis@bsee.gov.