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Safety Performance Enhanced by Analytical Review (SPEAR)

Safety Performance Enhanced by Analytical Review (SPEAR)


The primary goal of the SPEAR program is to research and develop new advanced data analytic tools and develop strategic, bureau-wide processes to enable BSEE subject matter experts to thoroughly analyze information.

SPEAR will make recommendations and identify program areas where data analytics can and should be applied to support evidence-based decision making. We are taking this programmatic step because we believe these efforts are key to enhancing BSEE’s safety and environmental stewardship decision-making, as well as the safety outcomes for OCS energy operations.

The SPEAR effort will:

  • Explore the use and potential procurement of advanced data analytic tools and methods, including Artificial Intelligence.
  • Establish a world class approach to analyzing and communicating offshore oil, gas, and renewable data bureau-wide and to external stakeholders.

SPEAR workgroup objectives include:

  • Provide bureau-wide consultation on data analytics tools and methods in support of critical safety and environmental issues.
  • Pursue research and development of artificial intelligence and other data analytic tools and methods to meet internal BSEE information analysis needs.
  • Procure data systems and programs that are substantiated in the research and development phase.
  • Assess the BSEE needs routinely, for information that can be used to improve BSEE’s effectiveness with data analytics.

SPEAR seeks to drive excellence on the OCS by supporting the Bureau’s effort to improve its approach to:

  • Analyzing data and information with a focus on proactive identification of leading safety and environmental indicators.
  • Timely communication of these indicators to BSEE.