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Friendly reminder--Government shut down, natural disasters or any event that disrupts normal operations may result in localized short-term or area-wide long-term emergencies.

BSEE and BOEM hotline phone numbers provide employees with a central location to retrieve current operating status and should be used by all employees during an emergency situation.

The Information Hotline phone numbers below should be used when local communication systems are functioning.

(703) 787-1999 or 1-866-797-1999 

If a disaster is declared, the local communication systems are disrupted, or if instructed to, the Emergency Hotline phone number below should be utilized. 

1-866-436-4667 (Select option 1)  

The Service Center has a limited supply of printed information and emergency wallet cards if you are in need of a replacement.

Thank you for your continued support of the Emergency Management Program.

 It’s time to review emergency procedures at home and at work. If you have questions about local office procedures, please discuss with your supervisor or contact your local emergency coordinator or safety officer.

We know too well that hurricanes can cause massive property damage and loss of life. Early preparation is the key to protecting our families, pets and property. History has shown that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters.

Here are the basics…

Everyone should have a personal disaster preparedness kit. This kit should include water and non-perishable food for 3 to 7 days, blankets or sleeping bag, prescription medicines, first aid kit, personal hygiene items, flashlight, battery-powered radio, spare batteries, appropriate clothing, basic hand tools, important documents and cash. Add special items for young children, the elderly and pets.

Monitor weather forecasts and understand hurricane forecasting terminology. Know where to go if it is necessary to evacuate. Staying with family or friends is the best option since hotels fill up quickly. Fuel all vehicles if a storm threatens. Leave early and don’t travel further than necessary to reach safe shelter. Remember to plan for your pets. Designate a family member or friend outside of the disaster area to act as an emergency contact.

Have a plan for protecting your home. Use plywood or storm shutters to protect windows and doors from flying debris. If windows or doors fail, pressure increases inside the structure and the likelihood of roof failure increases. Prepare plywood or shutters before a hurricane threatens. To minimize the risk of fire, turn off LP gas and electricity prior to evacuating. Turn off water to docks and piers to prevent losing water through damaged piping. To learn more visit the NOAA Hurricane Preparedness Web Site.

The 2011 Hurricane Season runs through November 30th so…

Remember, Preparedness is the Key to Safety! 

Additional resources are available on the websites listed below:

Bookmark this page...It will contain important information relating to emergency operations and return-to-duty instructions for BSEE employees. Links to additional emergency-related services will also be located here as necessary.