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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

At BSEE, we understand the ongoing balancing act between work life and home life. We understand that a child's soccer practice is more valuable than a conference call, that a birthday comes once a year, and that when the work day ends, your life begins.

For this reason, BSEE offers the following family-friendly employee benefits and services.

  • Flexible Work Schedule. In each office, BSEE employees and supervisor create a work schedule that best meets the needs of both the employee and the organization.

  • Generous Family Leave. BSEE employees may attend to planned and unexpected family situations-such as childbirth and adoption, family care, and bereavement-through paid leave under the Friendly Family Leave Act and unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act.

  • Leave Transfer Program. BSEE employees may donate sick leave to coworkers who have medical or family emergencies and have exhausted their leave time.

  • Employee Assistance Program. BSEE employees and their immediate family members may take advantage of the agency's Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The voluntary EAP provides free and confidential short-term counseling and referral services for issues affecting employees' mental and emotional wellbeing, such as alcohol and other substance abuse, stress, grief, family problems and psychological disorders.

  • Health and Wellness Program. At some locations, employees have access to discounted fitness facilities and group exercise and health education programs.

  • Special Salary Rates for Key Positions. Within the Gulf of Mexico Region, Congress has approved special higher salary rates at all grade levels for certain scientific positions (Petroleum Engineers, Inspectors, Geologists, and Geophysicists) within BSEE. Learn more about BSEE special salary rates. Limited to positions performing work directly involved in the oversight of oil and gas production.

More advanced positions are opening up all the time--making this a great time for current and potential BSEE employees who desire professional growth and career advancement.

This organization is dedicated to advancing talent from within. With a wide range of training, mentorship and development opportunities, you can quickly build a multifaceted career. As you spend more time with BSEE and develop more professional responsibilities, you may decide to take on new roles and responsibilities. That's something we not only support, but encourage. Every BSEE employee has the potential to become a leader.

The Transportation Subsidy program is a program of financial incentives designed to encourage employees to use mass transit for commuting to and from work. Common examples of eligible mass transit include bus, rail, or vanpool. If you incur qualifying transportation expenses commuting to and from work, you will be eligible to receive a subsidy to offset these expenses. The maximum amount is $255.00 per month, and the transit passes are purchased by BSEE using appropriated funds

Whether you're an entry-level employee seeking your first job after graduation or a seasoned professional looking for job security and long-term health and life insurance, BSEE offers incredible insurance benefits that will give you peace of mind and let you and your family live well.

For every employee and every need, the Federal government offers wonderful benefits and leave packages. If you'd like specific information, please visit the following web pages:



BSEE employees have access to the Department of the Interior's employee training along with the training facilities and training of other federal agencies. Classroom and online training is provided by private industry sources. Employees have access to degree and certificate programs from colleges and technical schools as well as lectures provided at career fairs, conferences and similar events.