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National Investigations Program

National Investigations Program

The National Investigations Program outlines the policies, training requirements and performance goals for all BSEE Investigators. These policies include how an investigation is conducted and documented as well as how the information from an investigation is managed.

Policies are carried out at the field level, with investigations conducted primarily within the Districts. In the Gulf of Mexico Region, a Regional Office of Incident Investigations supports those day to day operations in accordance with National Investigations Program policies.

Based at the BSEE Headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Safety and Incident Investigations Division (SIID) manages the National Investigations Program and is staffed by experienced professionals with various investigative backgrounds.

The SIID team members typically coordinate or lead investigations of major incidents that may involve complex investigative issues. The SIID will also provide support to Regional and District investigations to ensure that all incidents receive the necessary level of attention to address information collection and adequate incident response.

When serious incidents occur offshore, the people impacted, and the public in general, expect a rigorous and thorough investigation to occur. BSEE is the agency generally charged with conducting such investigations. National policies regarding training for BSEE investigators and the procedures for how investigations must be conducted and documented are all controlled by SIID.  In addition, SIID sets the policies regarding how incident information is managed. Finally, the SIID is responsible for monitoring execution and effectiveness of investigation activity.

BSEE has the authority and responsibility to conduct investigations as outlined in the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) and its implementing regulations. These investigations support Bureau-wide programs that promote safety, environmental protection and resource conservation. Investigations can be the result of incidents that occur during operations on the OCS. They can also stem from allegations, or the discovery of regulatory violations. No matter the source of initiation, the conclusions and information found during investigations are used to support the various program areas within BSEE.


Training BSEE Investigators in how to plan, conduct and conclude an investigation is the responsibility of the SIID.

The Offshore Incident Investigations Training Program (OIITP) is the basic investigations training course required for BSEE Investigators, Inspectors and Field Engineers.

SIID staff members are the instructors for the OIITP, which is conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Charleston, SC. As a Federal facility FLETC Charleston is a cost effective location to conduct this week long class. With its maritime focus, the facility also offers unique areas in which to conduct practical scenario based training.

With the National Program model the SIID staff is available to support any investigation conducted by BSEE.