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BSEE Proposes Regulations to Improve Safety of Offshore Cranes

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) today announced another key step in reducing risk offshore. The proposed rule, which will be published in the Federal Register on Monday, would implement best practices and update regulations regarding the safety of cranes mounted on fixed platforms on the Outer Continental Shelf.

'Over the past seven years, 16% of fatalities offshore have been associated with lifting incidents,' said BSEE Director Brian Salerno. 'We are focused on reducing risk offshore and are proposing this rule to improve the safety of cranes for offshore workers.'

The proposed rule, which will be open for public comment, addresses safety issues for cranes mounted on fixed platforms including the loading of cranes, their service life, braking systems, and personnel safety. It would include the incorporation of accepted industry best practices and update ​​current BSEE regulations.

The public may submit comments on the proposed regulations during the 30-day comment period that begins June 15, 2015, when the proposed rule is published in the Federal Register. Comments may be submitted via, the federal government's official rulemaking portal. The proposed regulations are also available here.​​