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Technical Demonstration at Oil Spill Conference Provides Up-Close Experience

Technical Demonstration at Oil Spill Conference Provides Up-Close Experience

LONG BEACH, Calif.- Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement staff is part of a series of technical demonstrations providing an up-close look at the evolution of oil spill response capabilities over the past 25+ years at the International Oil Spill Conference, May 15-18.  

“The interactive guided tour focuses on the ever-evolving landscape of oil spill response,” said David Moore, Chief of BSEE’s Oil Spill Preparedness Division. “Participants will see how spill responses were conducted in the past, and how current technologies have vastly improved spill response effectiveness and are helping to reduce environmental impacts.”

At each of the six stations, conference attendees will see short presentations by some of the most influential and knowledgeable engineers, scientists, and spill responders in the world. Participants will be able to view live and simulated demonstrations, video footage, and photos of equipment.

Moore explained that “the technical demonstration is a unique educational experience that will allow attendees to examine, firsthand, the significant progress that has been made over the past two-plus decades related to oil spill response technology.”

The bureau’s experts will also present several papers and posters at the conference. John Caplis, a BSEE Environmental Protection Specialist, will highlight the results of a recent study on oil  spill response capabilities in his presentation titled, “The Next Generation of Planning for Offshore Oil Spill Response.”

“Discussing the use of the different countermeasures and the levels of oil contact that occurred to the environment during various modeling simulations will illustrate the important implications for future offshore spill response planning efforts” said Caplis. 

The conference is held once every three years in the U.S. and provides a forum for the oil spill response community to discuss advances in the field. During this event, government, academic, and private industry experts come together to exchange ideas, learn about current and emerging technologies, and present on-going research initiatives pertinent to oil spill response and preparedness.