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BSEE's Aviation program promotes aviation safety, consistent and efficient aviation policy, guidance, operational risk management, and aviation safety awareness for all aviation users. See the annual National Aviation Management Plan and the SAFECOM Summary for more information.

Aviation Safety Support Services for BSEE

Study on Effects of Combustible Gas on Helicopter Operations (August 21, 2015)

Preliminary Engineering Analysis Report (July 15, 2015)

Peer Review of Study on Effects of Combustible Gas on Helicopter Operations (April 25, 2017)
This report and its peer review do not represent any official BSEE finding or policy.

Safety Improvement Initiatives

Following from the results of BSEE’s inspections, SEMS audits, incident investigations, BSEE sponsored research project recommendations, and ongoing data review, tracking  and analysis; OSIB is responsible for identifying areas or processes where program, process or systemic improvements are needed to drive safety improvement. Following review by BSEE management, approved initiatives are then supported by dedicated teams, through research, and/or collaborative engagements with industry or other government agencies.   

In 2020, OSIB helped drive support for BSEE’s Reduce Lifting Incidents by 50% by 2021 (RBI50%B21) initiative. To accomplish, a 10 person Lifting Initiative Team was established to review internal and external available lifting data to identify opportunities and the associated actions to reduce lifting incidents to meet the 50% reduction goal.