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Recovery of Oil on Snow and Ice (ROSI) Planning Calculator

Recovery of Oil on Snow and Ice (ROSI) Planning Calculator

BSEE, in collaboration with Nortech, Inc., developed ROSI, is a planning calculator to estimate the amount of yellow gear (loaders, dump trucks, dozers) required to recover a given amount of oil spilled on snow and solid ice, or the number of days required to achieve cleanup with a given amount of equipment.

The Calculator’s formulas are based on Tactics R-1, R-3, R-5, and R-29 found in the Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) Technical Manual.

The use of ROSI is not required for the submission of an oil spill response plan (OSRP); however, BSEE encourages plan holders to consider using ROSI in the preparation and submission of OSRPs. BSEE may use ROSI to facilitate their review of OSRPs for compliance with existing regulations.

ROSI is intended as a planning tool and is NOT intended to be used as a model for calculating system performance during an actual oil spill, which is affected by many additional factors not included in ROSI.

If you have any additional questions or feedback regarding these planning tools, please contact either Jade Miller, Senior Preparedness Analyst, Alaska at 907-334-5279 or, or Bryan Rogers, Chief, Preparedness Verification Branch at
504-736-3242 or