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Advanced Casing & Tubing Load and Stress Analysis, Joint Industry Project (JIP)

The purpose of the Joint Industry Project (JIP) is to provide BSEE with a solution to fully analyze well plan and casing design submitted by operators. It is BSEE’s oversight responsibility to ensure a well’s mechanical integrity by validating a design that provides accounts for all the anticipated loads that can be encountered during the life of the well. Therefore, the Contractor shall conduct a research project for the advancement of casing and tubing load analysis that previous tools were not capable.

HPHT Phase II - API 17TR8 (Evaluation of Pressure Rating Methods Recommended by API RP 17TR8)

The original objective was to evaluate testing alternatives during Phase I of the effort; during Phase II of the effort a determination of alignment in failure effects analysis modeling and actual component failure was requested. Loading factors were considered. This report is for Phase II of the effort. BSEE had questions about methods used for qualification of subsea designs for high pressure/high temperature applications (above 15,000 psi or 350 degrees F). Pressure was of particular concern.

Permit Alternative and Assessment Study

To identify and assess alternatives to permits and other submissions for BSEE's essential functional areas that conduct oversight activities through permitting.  These functional areas include: district field operations, regional firled operations, production  and development, technical data management, and safety and environmental management.  CFR Title 30, Part 250 Subparts: A,D,E,F,I,J,K,L, and Q for this effort.

Integrity Management Process of Tension Leg Platforms

The Contractor is to make recommendations by which BSEE can evaluate current Industry inspection processes, reporting, and monitoring system methods. In addition, the Contractor is to propose a plan of action concerning the four (4) critical areas of focus:

  1. Tendon Integrity Management 
  2. Tendon Life Extension 
  3. Fatigue of "Uninspectable" Tendon Components 
  4. Understanding the "Uninspectable" Tendon Components 

Effects of Damping Properties of Anchoring Systems, Tension Legs, and Risers on Fatigue, Longevity, and Life Extension Decisions

To study the effects of damping properties of anchoring systems, tension legs, and risers on fatigue, longevity, and life extension decisions. The study will include empirical evaluation and modeling for tthe effects of damping properties, incldueing potential reduction in fatigue among other effects.
The study will evaluate potential effects of damping properties and their direct implications for platform and riser life extensions and factors that could affect life extension determinations.

Total contract award, including options, is $324,867.00

Determination of Fracture/Fatigue-Fracture Behavior of Equipment Constructed with Cladded Weld Materials

This project will define a general approach to, and advance development of, a useful predictive computer-modeling tool for analyzing failure modes of cladded materials used in oil and gas operations. It will develop and validate a constitutive model to define fatigue and fracture behavior of cladded pipe under deep-water conditions. The failure prediction tool will predict fatigue and fracture performance of cladded weld materials in equipment used in high pressure (15 ksi) and high temperature (>350℉) (HPHT), corrosive environment (H2S, Cl, S and CO2).

TAP-747-Offshore Wind Energy Inspection Procedures Assessment Project

The offshore wind power industry is at an early stage here in the US. While the future of offshore wind is uncertain due to economic and other external forces, the potential is quite high from a resource and demand perspective. There is a great deal of strong wind resources very close to high demand centers on both coasts. As costs come down, and if the economic factors surrounding wind power improve, offshore wind energy could become a major source of energy for the US in the future.

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