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Production Measurement

Advanced Casing & Tubing Load and Stress Analysis, Joint Industry Project (JIP)

The purpose of the Joint Industry Project (JIP) is to provide BSEE with a solution to fully analyze well plan and casing design submitted by operators. It is BSEE’s oversight responsibility to ensure a well’s mechanical integrity by validating a design that provides accounts for all the anticipated loads that can be encountered during the life of the well. Therefore, the Contractor shall conduct a research project for the advancement of casing and tubing load analysis that previous tools were not capable.

TAP-649-The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Multiphase Transport Phenomena

The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Multiphase Transport Phenomena has focused on two technologies important to DOI/MMS: 1) cross flow filtration hydrocyclones for oil/water separation (onshore, offshore, subsea, and downhole); and, 2) the use of computational methods to address flow assurance issues associated with oil and gas production (processing issues, safety issues, and environmental issues). Reports are available to member organizations.

TAP-533-Development of Accurate Sampling Systems and Methods for Monitoring Water Vapor in Natural Gas Streams

This research assessed the performance level of existing moisture sampling methods and equipment, such as filters, tubing and heating equipment, which are (1) commonly used by the natural gas industry and (2) recommended by manufacturers for use with moisture analyzers. The research will provide guidance for the possible preparation of an industry standard for moisture determination as a tool to avoid pipeline corrosion.

Coriolis Massmeter Data Analysis Program

Coriolis flowmeters were tested under laboratory conditions to determine the effects of piping and equipment configurations, vibration, density, temperature, and pressure. The data was used to support or refute claims that these meters are insensitive to installation effects and to define the range of operation. This project also will analyze new field tests data received by the task group. The data was added to the meter repeatability data bank.

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