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Renewable Energy

TAP-747-Offshore Wind Energy Inspection Procedures Assessment Project

The offshore wind power industry is at an early stage here in the US. While the future of offshore wind is uncertain due to economic and other external forces, the potential is quite high from a resource and demand perspective. There is a great deal of strong wind resources very close to high demand centers on both coasts. As costs come down, and if the economic factors surrounding wind power improve, offshore wind energy could become a major source of energy for the US in the future.

TAP-724-Development of Hazard Curves for WEAs off the Atlantic Seaboard

The objective of this project will be the development of wind, wave, water level and current exceedance data for development regions along the East coast of the U.S. with corresponding load factors that could then be used directly in the application of the IEC standards or any other LFRD application for the design of the support structure and its foundation.

TAP-709-Technical and Business Proposal for example safety management system and audit criteria/procedures template and checklist for Offshore Wind

To develop an example SMS for an offshore wind farm using guidance from the template established as part of TAP project 633 and to develop an assessment framework and principles that BSEE can use to assess the adequacy of the arrangements for managing safety contained in an SMS.

TAP-705-Design Guideline for Station Keeping Systems of Floating Wind Turbines

The main objectives of this project are to: Conduct a state-of-the-art review of the existing methods, applicable guidelines and software tools for the design of station keeping systems of floating wind turbines as well as oil and gas platforms. Evaluate and develop design procedures and methods for global performance analysis for the station keeping systems of floating wind turbines. Propose a design guideline for the station keeping systems of floating wind turbines on the US OCS.

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