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OSRR-507-Correlating Results of Ohmsett Dispersant Test with At-Sea Trials: Workshop to Coordinate Publications and Prioritize Follow-up Research

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
S. L. Ross Environmental Research Ltd.
Principal Investigator
Dr. Ken Trudel
Contracting Agency

The goal of this project was to coordinate the publications of results of the 2003 MMS-sponsored Correlating Results of Ohmsett Dispersant Tests with Identical At-Sea Trials study by SL Ross and A. Lewis 2004. The results of the other spin-off projects were aimed at correlating results of other dispersant effectiveness testing procedures with results of the June 2003 UK at-sea trials, and identify, plan and coordinate follow-up dispersant effectiveness experiments at Ohmsett.

The work involved organizing a two-day workshop to synthesize and discuss results of work to date; coordinating publications (including outlining an overview paper, plus papers on individual studies for submission to the International Oil Spill Conference 2005), and outlining and setting priorities for future follow-up effectiveness studies at Ohmsett for determining the capabilities and limitations of dispersants in cleaning up viscous oil spills, and to develop the role of Ohmsett studies in scaling-up results from the laboratory scale and full at-sea scale.

Latest progress update

On August 10 and 11, 2004, The Minerals Management Service conducted a workshop at Ohmsett The National Oil Spill Response Test Facility in Leonardo, NJ to review and synthesize the results of dispersant effectiveness experiments conducted at laboratory scale, in small and large wave tanks and at-sea field trials using IFO-180 and IFO-380 fuel oils. The results from this workshop were used in a series of coordinated scientific research papers that were presented in the Chemical Countermeasures sessions at the 2005 International Oil Spill Conference in May 2005.