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OSRR-513-Laboratory Testing to Determine Dispersion Predictability of the Baffled Flask Test (BFT) and Swirling Flask Test (SWT)

Office/Division Program
Project Number
Research Initiation Date (Award Date)
Research Performing Activity
U.S. EPA / University of Cincinnati
Research Principal Investigator
Dr. Al Venosa, EPA and Dr. George Sorial, University of Cincinnati
Research Contracting Agency

This project will conduct standardized laboratory dispersant effectiveness testing to determine if either the Baffled Flask Test (BFT) or the Swirling Flask Test (SWT) is able to predict chemical dispersion effectiveness of oil spills similar to what was experienced in the field during the UK at-sea trials and at Ohmsett-The National Oil Spill Response Test Facility.

Tasks are conducting standardized laboratory dispersants effectiveness testing using 2 test protocols the BFT and SWT with three dispersants (Corexit 9500, SuperDispersant 25 and Agma DR 379), two oils (IFO-180 and IFO-380) at one dispersant to oil ratio (DOR 1:25) at one temperature(16 C). This amounts to 12 experiments (each with four replicated) for a total of 48 dispersant effectiveness experiments. Additional tests will be run at the 20 C temperatures as well.

Latest progress update

The research experiments have been successfully completed. The final report has been accepted by MMS. This project is complete.