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Dispersant Effectiveness Testing on Heavy OCS Crude Oils at Ohmsett

Progress Date
Performing Activity
S.L.. Ross Environmental Research, Ltd.
Principal Investigator
Randy Belore
Contracting Agency

Project will determine the limiting viscosity for the effectiveness of chemical dispersants applied to viscous U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) crude oils from the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific OCS. Conduct physical and chemical analysis of the acquired crude oils to categorize them based on properties.Conduct small scale wave tank dispersant effectiveness on crude oil samples. These experiments will be conducted using Corexit 9500 applied at the standard 1:15 dispersant to oil ratio (DOR). Identify six oils from small-scale testing and test them at Ohmsett in moderate breaking waves.

Latest progress update

The test oils were acquired and analyzed. Small scale dispersant effectiveness experiments were run in February 2005. The Ohmsett experiments were successfully conducted in April 2005. The final report has been accepted by MMS.

Date research completed