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OSRR-516-Development of a Method to Produce Large Quantities of Realistic Water-In-Oil Emulsions for use in Evaluating Oil Spill Response Equipment and Methods

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
S.L. Ross Environmental Research, Ltd.
Principal Investigator
Randy Belore
Contracting Agency

The objective of the proposed work is to develop a methodology and equipment to enable researchers to produce large quantities of realistic water-in-oil emulsions. These emulsions will be used in test programs at Ohmsett and elsewhere.

Latest progress update

The literature review and prototype development are complete. Tests at Ohmsett were conducted 12/13-17/04 and 1/3-7/05. The draft final report was delivered to MMS in May 2005 for review and comment. The final report has been reviewed and accepted by MMS. The final report has been distributed to MMS regional offices.