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OSRR-590-Changes with Dispersant Effectiveness with Extended Exposure in Calm Seas

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
S.L. Ross Environmental Research Ltd. and Alun Lewis Oil Spill Consultancy
Principal Investigator
Dr. Ken Trudel, Mr. Randy Belore, Mr. Alun Lewis
Contracting Agency

The objective of this research project is to continue to investigate the conditions that might lead to the loss of surfactants from dispersant-treated oil, so that subsequent application of breaking waves will not result in dispersion. A one-week test series will be conducted at Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Test Facility. Long-term exposures of topped Oseberg crude oil will be pre-mixed with Corexit 9500 dispersant on the Ohmsett tank surface will be completed.

Latest progress update

A one-week test series was conducted in June 2007 at Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Test Facility. Topped Oseberg crude oil was pre-mixed with Corexit 9500 dispersant and placed on the tanks surface for long-term exposure experiments. Laboratory scale experiments were completed in August 2007. The laboratory data and Ohmsett tank test data are being analyzed and the draft final report is in preparation.

The Steering Committee has approved the final report. This project is complete.