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International Workshop for Requalification of Offshore Structures

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Dr. C. William Ibbs & Dr. Wayne Dunlap
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Minerals Management Service

Many of the thousands of oil and gas structures on the Outer Continental Shelf and in the North Sea are aging and are the subject of structural concerns. There currently is no agreed upon scheme for determining if the structures are as safe as when installed. What is needed is a determination of the causes for structural degradation, an evaluation of the effects of degradation upon structural integrity, and a determination of research needed for a requalification program. The workshop included all sectors of the offshore oil and gas industry by request of the academic members of the industry so that key individuals, United States and foreign, can work.

together to determine a common basis for managing the aging structure problem. The workshop discussed current structural review practices, the shortcomings of current practices, and identified research which may enhance requalification efforts.

Latest progress update

Complete. The workshop was held on December 8-10, 1993 in New Orleans, LA. Project Number: 192 (cont.)

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