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Development of Improved Drill String Safety Valve Design and Specifications

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Adam T. Bourgoyne
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Minerals Management Service
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This project was an add-on to the current LSU Well Control Project (No.8). It's purpose was to develop specifications and designs for improved Drill String Safety Valves (DSSV). Safety valves and inside blowout preventers were found to be one of the categories experiencing the highest failure rates during routine testing and well-control events.

Latest progress update

The Department of Mechanical Engineering had two groups of undergraduate students design, build, and test DSSV. Their work was presented in two papers given at the LSU/MMS Well Control Workshop, November 19-20, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (papers were published in the proceedings). The first paper focused on testing the of two DSSV's. The valves were tested under static pressure conditions and closing on flow. The results were a function of valve design, condition, and the closing technique of the operator. A third paper was presented at the April 1, 1998, LSU Well Control Workshop. The final paper concluded that the key to better performance of DSSV is the ability to overcome the high torque of actuation.

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