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TAP-377-Project Deep Spill

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
Principal Investigator
Dr. Oistein Johansen, SINTEF & Dr. Cortis Cooper, ChevronTexaco
Contracting Agency
Minerals Management Service
Estimated Completion Date

A joint industry project (JIP) was formed between the MMS and 23 different oil companies to conduct this research. The project consisted of an experimental release of oil and gas conducted in June 2000 off the coast of Norway. Mixtures of crude oil and natural gas, diesel oil and natural gas, as well as only natural gas were released at approximately 800 meters water depth. The goal was to simulate a blowout or pipeline rupture in deep water and obtain data to verify the predictions of a deep water blowout model being developed under a separate contract. In another, related, research project, experiments were conducted in a simulated deep ocean environment created in a high pressure chamber located at the University of Hawaii.

Latest progress update

The final report for this project was submitted in June 2001. Initially, the report and other research results were considered proprietary among the JIP members. Subsequently, it was agreed that the results should be released and the reports made publicly available. A video clip is available upon request from 703-787-1559.

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Johansen, O., Cooper, C..
Johansen, O., Cooper, C..
Johansen, O., Cooper, C..
Johansen, O., Cooper, C..
Johansen, O., Cooper, C..