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Whistler Performance History

Whistler Performance History


Enforcement Actions

Notification of Compliance with PIP

By letter dated April 14, 2016, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) provided notice pursuant to 30 CFR 250.135 that based on its operating performance, Whistler Energy II, LLC (Whistler) needed to take immediate steps to improve its compliance with all applicable regulations.  The BSEE has reviewed the actions taken by Whistler in response to items outlined in the aforementioned Performance Improvement Plan letter and has determined that Whistler has met the requirements defined in each.

Letter to Whistler Energy II, LLC 04-19-2016
BSEE Issues Incidents of Noncompliance involving fatality 03-25-2016


Compliance Timeline
Required Action Reference in Letter Action Required by Date Complied
Performance Improvement Plan

 - Plan Accepted

 - Ongoing status review

Last Paragraph

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