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Pacific OCS Platforms

Pacific OCS Platforms

In the Pacific OCS Region, twenty-three oil and gas production facilities have been installed in Federal waters. All of these facilities are located off the coast of California. Twenty-two of these facilities produce oil and gas, while the other is a processing facility. Six companies are operating offshore oil and gas facilities in the Pacific Region. Information about these facilities has been organized by operator and by platform.

Beacon West Energy Group, LLC

(Designated Personnel for Maintenance and Monitoring)

  • Platform Gail
  • Platform Grace
  • Platform Hogan
  • Platform Houchin

Beta Operating Company, LLC

  • Platform Ellen
  • Platform Elly
  • Platform Eureka


  • Platform Edith
  • Platform Gilda
  • Platform Gina
  • Platform Habitat
  • Platform Henry
  • Platform Hillhouse
  • Platform A
  • Platform B
  • Platform C

Sable Offshore Corp.

  • Platform Harmony
  • Platform Heritage
  • Platform Hondo

Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas LLC

  • Platform Harvest
  • Platform Hermosa
  • Platform Hidalgo
  • Platform Irene