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What is BSEE's role in enforcing safety and environmental regulations for oil and gas production?

BSEE is involved in the approval of oil and gas plans, facilities, and operations. The process includes reviews where there is much emphasis on design, operations, and maintenance.

While BSEE monitors compliance with the regulations throughout the permitting process and operations, nothing compares to having BSEE personnel in the field to ensure operators are complying with the regulations.

What is the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act?

The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act assigns the Secretary of the Interior the responsibility for the administration of mineral exploration and development of the OCS. The Act empowers the Secretary to grant leases to the highest qualified responsible bidder on the basis of sealed competitive bids and to formulate regulations as necessary to carry out the provisions of the Act. The Act, as amended, provides guidelines for implementing an OCS oil and gas exploration and development program.

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