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Seafloor Compliance, Assessment, and Monitoring Program (SCAMP)

Seafloor Compliance, Assessment, and Monitoring Program (SCAMP)

The BSEE SCAMP is a key component of the ECP/OEC serving as the fins in the water and eyes on the resource(s) that BSEE is responsible for protecting.

The Seafloor Compliance, Assessment, and Monitoring Program (SCAMP), an element of the Office of Environmental Compliance  (OEC) field inspection efforts, uses scientific methodologies and procedures to help verify operators’ and permittees’ compliance with environmental standards conditioned on offshore operations. SCAMP uses the science-based compliance philosophy to conduct verification activities, prepare reports, analyze mitigation effectiveness, conduct damage and impact assessments, and illustrate its mission to the American Public through outreach and education.

SCAMP consists of a team of scientists, engineers, and technical experts with backgrounds in the biological sciences, engineering, environmental compliance, sensor technology, and marine archaeology. The team has expertise in remote sensing operations, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and scientific diving, which allows for OEC’s subject matter experts to provide hands-on verification and monitoring for various resources and program requirements. Each member of the SCAMP is experienced in managing evidence and the chain of custody ensuring fair thoughtful enforcement of environmental laws and regulation throughout the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).


The SCAMP helps to enforce several mitigation measures and environmental compliance by using the following:

  • Side Scan Sonars,
  • Magnetometer,
  • Remotely-Operated Vehicles (ROVs),
  • Underwater Video/Photographic equipment,
  • Open-circuit SCUBA,
  • Sector Scanning Sonar,
  • Differential Global Positioning System,
  • Measuring tapes, clip boards, and other data collection equipment, and,
  • Forensic investigative techniques.