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Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

The Pacific Region Office of Leasing and Environment conducts environmental analyses and reviews on all OCS oil & gas projects. Environmental reviews are conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and projects are inspected, as appropriate, for compliance with the full spectrum of conditions placed upon them.

Environmental Documents

Platform Heritage FONSI & Final EA: ExxonMobil Proposal to Instal Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
The Office of Leasing and Environment has reviewed ExxonMobil's proposal to install a new impressed current cathodic protection system on Platform Heritage offshore Santa Barbara County (Lease OCS-P 0182). This proposal was originally submitted in July 20 10 and later amended in February and March of 20 I I.

Platform Edith to Platform Elly Power Cable Installation and FONSI
The Pacific Region has completed an Environmental Assessment for Beta Operating Company, LLC's proposed Platform Edith to Platform Elly Power Cable Installation Project. The proposed activities involve installing a 34.5 kV alternating current (AC) submarine power cable approximately 2.4 km (7800 ft) long in 49 to 77 m (161 to 255 ft) water depths on Lease OCS-P 0296 and OCS-P 0300. This new power cable will supply electricity to offshore oil and gas facilities within the Beta Unit (Platforms Ellen, Elly and Eureka), and reduce Beta Operating's reliance on diesel generators.

For a more complete list of Regional environmental documents, visit the Data Center.

Environmental Impact Statement Process

NEPA Environmental Reviews
As a primary component of the Environmental Analysis Program, NEPA environmental reviews are undertaken for all plans, revisions, and significant changes to operations. Federal agencies must comply with numerous environmental laws, regulations, and executive orders to carry out its mission. To achieve this, staff scientists and analysts conduct pre-project environmental reviews and analyses and consult and coordinate with other Federal, State and local agencies on all applicable laws and regulations affecting OCS oil & gas projects. The development of environmental mitigation measures to minimize project-specific impacts often results from such analyses and consultation.

Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program
The Pacific Region conducts environmental compliance inspections during projects to ensure conditions of approval placed on projects are implemented and effective in protecting coastal and marine resources. The Region may be assisted by other agencies and requires industry to check for compliance with mitigation measures identified during the NEPA reviews and for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Region has the authority to monitor and enforce these conditions and regulations pursuant to 30 CFR 250 Subpart N (Civil Penalties). Operators who fail to comply with the conditions of permit approvals or regulations, including mitigating measures, are subject to warnings, equipment or facility shut-ins, and civil or criminal penalties.

Coordination of Environmental Requirements with Other Agencies
In addition to the Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program, the Pacific Region coordinates and consults on compliance monitoring inspections with other responsible agencies and assists those agencies in monitoring requirements and conditions placed on new OCS oil and gas projects as well as on-going operations.

National Environmental Compliance Monitoring