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Advancing the BOWHEAD Vessel Ice Management System

Project Number
Progress Date
Performing Activity
Serco, Inc.
Principal Investigator
Gregory Johnson
Contract Award Value
Estimated Completion Date

This project will advance the BOWHEAD Vessel Ice Management System, developed under BSEE project 1102 to provide an ice-free zone for oil recovery in drift ice conditions. The contractor will retrofit the BOWHEAD prototype based on recommended enhancements identified during January 2021 testing at Ohmsett. The retrofitted BOWHEAD will be tested at Ohmsett in February 2024 to quantify its ability to improve recovery of oil in drift ice conditions over tactics that are currently specified in Alaska oil spill removal organizations' tactics manuals.  

Latest progress update

The BOWHEAD system retrofits are complete. The system will be tested at Ohmsett in February 2024.

In Progress