Development of a Recovery Efficiency Sensor - Phase II

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Slawomir Winecki, PhD
Contracting Agency
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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This project will continue development of a Recovery Efficiency (RE) sensor that can be used during oil response operations to accurately measure the percentage of oil and water in recovered fluid across the entire range of concentrations. Battelle will enhance functionality of the Phase I prototype including improved accuracy across the entire range of concentrations, ability to account for air in the recovered fluid, addition of wireless data transfer, and packaging of the system for easy deployment and use. Four systems will be delivered at the end of the contract for future field testing.

Latest progress update

The sensors were tested at Ohmsett in June, 2022. The contractor is currently updating the computer algorithm based on testing results. Additional tests will be conducted at Ohmsett in April, 2023 with multiple oils, salinities, and flow rates. The contract has been extended to allow for the additional tests, data analysis, and delivery of systems.

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