Development of an Advancing Skimmer Test Protocol

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Steve Potter
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Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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This project will develop a defined, repeatable test protocol for testing advancing skimmer systems. SL Ross will convene a workgroup of oil response subject matter experts who will develop a general test protocol suitable for use with a variety of advancing skimmers. The test protocol will be developed for use at the Ohmsett facility; however, large-scale tank facilities will be considered to broaden the protocol’s applicability. The resulting test protocol will produce skimmer test results that can be used as inputs to the recently developed Estimated Recovery System Potential (ERSP) calculator. Further, this test protocol will be introduced to the ASTM F20 Committee for their consideration and possible incorporation into an ASTM standard.

Latest progress update

The initial workgroup meeting was held at Ohmsett in June, 2022. Meeting comments were compiled and posted to the collaboration site. The contractor is currently drafting an initial test method for review and comments.

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