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Low Emission Combustor System for Emulsified Crude Oil

Office/Division Program
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Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
Research Principal Investigator
Steven G. Tuttle
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The objective of this final phase of research is to transition the Technology Readiness Level of a low-emission, low-pressure atomization and combustor system for emulsified crude oil from 4 to 8 by developing and refining the performance of a half-scale or full-scale flow blurring atomizer spray burner so that the system design can be transferred to a manufacturer.

Latest progress update

Several dozen participants from government, industry, and academia attended a demonstration of the 50% engineering scale prototype of the Low-Emission Crude Oil Comtbustor "BSEE Burner" this past March. Tests to obtain additional operational data are planned for the near future. For licensing interest, please contact TechLink for a not cost licensing application to seek rights to manufacture and sell this technology. Navy scientists develop low-emission burner to clean up offshore oil spills - TechLink | TechLink (

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