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Talos Energy Performance History

Talos Energy Performance History

Enforcement Actions
Letter to TALOS Energy LLC , Energy Resources Technology, Inc. (ERT) 07-25-2013
BSEE Issues Incidents of Noncompliance 02-05-2013
Recent INCs Issued 02-05-2013


Compliance Timeline
Required Action Reference in Letter Action Required by Date Complied
Performance Improvement Plan

 - Plan Accepted

 - Ongoing status review

Paragraph 3

08-25-2013 08-16-2013
District notification of (1) welding and burning operations and (2) commencing of downhole well work

 - Ongoing

Paragraph 4

as needed began

Corrective Action Plan

  **Report of Verification received 10-30-2013

Paragraph 5

Performance Improvement Plan

 - Plan Accepted

 - Ongoing status review

Last Paragraph

05-18-2016 **


Incidents involving ERT as the Operator  
BSEE Confirms Well Sealed With Temporary Plug 07-15-2013
BSEE Confirms Well Flow has Stopped   07-12-2013
BSEE Continues Oversight of Well Control Event 07-11-2013
UPDATE: BSEE, Coast Guard Continuing to Respond to Loss of Well Control in the Gulf of Mexico 07-10-2013
Coast Guard, BSEE respond to loss of well control in the Gulf of Mexico 07-09-2013