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Offshore Infrastructure Dashboard

Offshore Infrastructure Dashboard

The Offshore Infrastructure Dashboard (OID) is an innovative, highly informative resource tool to identify oil and gas platforms eligible for the Rigs-to-Reefs program. With some literature suggesting that more than half of Gulf of Mexico recreational fishing is directly related to offshore oil and natural gas structures, the dashboard charts the number and location of offshore energy facilities as they currently exist, to ensure holistic decision making before structures are decommissioned.

Over the last decade, approximately 200 platforms were decommissioned annually in the Gulf of Mexico. Rigs-to-Reefs is a viable option for operators with platforms meeting environmental and structural requirements of BSEE and acceptance criteria of State artificial reef programs. Timely dissemination of information is key for the State programs and stakeholders to coordinate with operators in the conservation of qualified platforms.  BSEE receives certain information which would be beneficial to share with all parties involved with artificial reef planning and facility decommissioning.

Offshore Infrastructure Dashboard (OID)

OID Layout and Instructions