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Assessment of Blowout Preventer (BOP) Control Valves

Project Number
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Argonne National Laboratory
Principal Investigator
Roy Lindley
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Estimated Completion Date

This is a study for SPM valves, Shuttle valves, and the associated hydraulic fluid used on these valves to determine the causes of their malfunction, whether from hydraulic fluid leakage, line blockage or other issue and determine solutions, such as maintenance, to prevent recurrence. Also, this study should evaluate which valves fail more than others, which valve manufacturer and model(s) may be more prone to failure, whether these valves are fit for service, and under what conditions are these valves more prone to failure, and what type of risks do leaky valves pose to the BOP reliability.

Latest progress update

Completed.  This project's reports contained Business Sensitive information and was not released to the public.  BSEE had directed ANL to produce a redated version of the Research Report suitable for public release.  Completed 12/11/2017.