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Development of Well Kick Detection and Predictions Options

Project Number
Progress Date
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Argonne National Laboratory
Principal Investigator
Daniel Fraser, Roy Lindley
Contract Award Value
Estimated Completion Date

The purpose of this task is to support the enhancement and improvement of the selection of tools and methods for identifying leading and lagging indicators for well kick detection and prediction. Gather applicable data and independently assess feasibility and reasonability of early well kick detection and prediction approaches, equipment, techniques, and systems associated with well operations on the OCS, primarily Gulf of Mexico (GoM). This new task under the IAA will provide support to further the BSEE’s mission in the early detection and prediction of over-pressure conditions in well operations.

Latest progress update

Complete.  Final Report was prepared for presentation at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 27–29 October 2014.

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