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OSRR-1028-Acoustic Tool to Measure Oil Slick Thickness at Ohmsett

Project Number
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
Applied Research Associates Inc.
Principal Investigator
Paul D. Panetta, Ph.D.
Estimated Completion Date

The objective of this project is to develop an acoustic tool to measure oil slick thickness at Ohmsett from a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). The ROV will be designed as a simple, low cost acoustic-based ROV with the ability to resolve oil slick thickness from ~500 microns to over three centimeters. It will be outfitted with acoustic sensors, video sensors and sonar which will be mounted above two tracks that will be used to drive the sensors along the bottom of the Ohmsett wave tank. The data collection and thickness measurement will be automated so that the thickness as a function of position would be output to the operator. In the final configuration, Applied Research Associates (ARA) estimates that it will take approximately one minute to collect data over 30 feet and an additional two to five minutes to provide a visual map that identifies the ice and oil and provides a thickness of the oil. The acoustic ROV will ultimately be delivered to Ohmsett as part of the project and will become new tool for researchers to use during their testing at Ohmsett.

The scope of work is broken down into six tasks:

Task 1 - Laboratory Measurements and Initial Testing at Ohmsett

Task 2 - Acoustic ROV design and Fabrication

Task 3 - Testing at Ohmsett (two trips)

Task 4 - Modification of slick thickness tool

Task 5 - Additional testing and training at Ohmsett (one trip)

Task 6 - Reporting

Latest progress update

This project has been completed.

Development of the ROV and supporting documentation has been completed and delivered.