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OSRR-1039-Oil Leak Detections with a Combined Fluorescence Polarization Instrument and a Wide Band MultiBeam Sonar

Project Number
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Performing Activity
EIC Laboratories, Inc. and Norbit US, Ltd.
Principal Investigator
Dr. Job M. Bello
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This project’s objective was to develop and test a prototype sensor that integrates two partial solutions (fluorescence and sonar) with a goal of operating at a suitable standoff distance and interrogating a wide area, while providing real-time data feed from the subsea environment. The project was conducted in two phases. 

Phase 1 objectives:

1) Enhance the long range detection capability of the fluorescence polarization sensor
2) Develop a mounting scheme for the two sensors so that the field of view of the sensors overlap 
3) Develop a firmware/software that integrates the data from the two sensors with accurate time tagging.
Phase 2 objectives:
1) Evaluate the performance of the combined sensors in open-water using oil simulants

Latest progress update

The project is complete. The final report is posted below.