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TAP-600-A Review and Update of Supplemental Bonding Requirements in the Gulf of Mexico

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Mark J. Kaiser
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Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
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The objective of the project is to update and refine the MMS bonding database and associated cost curves; describe the purpose, requirements, and constraints and limitations of bonding mechanisms, and to develop alternative risk-adjusted bonding formulas for MMS review.

Collect, review, and analyze cost data for each of the three main stages of decommissioning based on data collected previously by LSU and MMS; new data to be collected by LSU and MMS; and other sources where reliable data can be obtained.
Describe the purpose and requirements of a bonding formula; the constraints and limitations associated with decommissioning cost estimation; the level of risk that a bonding formula should incorporate; and the manner in which a bonding formula should be constructed. Suggest data requirements to reduce the level of uncertainty in future formula reviews.
Develop risk-adjusted bonding formula options.
Estimate aggregate decommissioning cost for the shallow water (<400 ft) Gulf of Mexico (GOM) based on the current inventory of unplugged wellbores and structures.

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