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TAP-650-Offshore Wind Turbine Inspection Refinements

Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
Energo Engineering, Inc.
Principal Investigator
Robert Sheppard
Estimated Completion Date

The objective of this project was to develop a supplement to the existing offshore wind turbine facility inspection guidelines (TAR project 627) that includes recommended inspection techniques, acceptable technologies from a safety and effectiveness standpoint, and recommended follow-up activities in the event of identified anomalies.

The scope of work was broken up into the following tasks:

Task 1. Evaluate Existing and Novel Blade Inspection Practices.
Energo identified existing practices and evaluated their effectiveness as well as determined novel approaches that are being developed or have been developed but have only been implemented on a limited basis. Additionally, worker safety, cost-effectiveness, scalability and inspection times were considered in the evaluation.

Task 2. Evaluate Existing and Novel (Structural) Inclination Determination Techniques.
Energo evaluated these techniques and also identified follow-up activities that will help determine through inspection, the cause of location of the inclination.

Task 3. Develop Recommended Inspection Procedures.
The results of the first two tasks were compiled and used to develop a supplement to the existing offshore wind inspection guidelines.

Latest progress update

The project is completed.