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Blowout Preventer Maintenance and Inspection in Deepwater Operations

Project Number
Progress Date
Project Initiation Date
Performing Activity
American Bureau of Shipping
Principal Investigator
Harrish Patel
Estimated Completion Date

The study addresses and compares current BOP maintenance, inspection, and testing practices to codes, standards, existing regulations, and industry recommended practices. Quantitative risk studies were performed to identify the criticality of individual subcomponents with the BOP system, the reliability of the individual component, and the complete BOP system. The risk reports are FMECA and RAM, which provide the quantitative foundation for any proposed maintenance, inspection, and testing plan.

To enhance and/or optimize the maintenance, inspection and testing plans of BOP equipment and associated components to ensure proper functionality. To improve and/or optimize the maintenance, inspection, and testing plans of BOPs mobilization between drilling sites. To reduce the risk of BOP failures and improve reliability of BOP operations.

Latest progress update

Contract was awarded September 22, 2011 and the final report submitted June 28th 2013.