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Subsea BOP Stack Shear/Seal Capability Modeling Tool

Office/Division Program
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Southwest Research Institute
Research Principal Investigator
Steven T. Green
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To address the need for a uniform verification method to assure blind-shear ram functionality, this projejct is to conduct computational analysis for a set of general cases where the following parameters are varied: tubing/string geometry (size/thickness), flow conditions/well pressure, fluid properties, and ram geometry. Computational analysis will include finite element analysis (FEA) and well modeling simulations to analyze shear forces and deformation within the tubing resulting from both ram action and fluid forces(hydrostatic pressure at water depth & wellbore kick)The results from these simulations will be compiled in such a way as to provide a modeling tool with the ability to interpolate ram forces. 

Latest progress update

The contract kickoff meeting was held on October 8, 2015.