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Pacific Region Federal OCS Decommissioning

Pacific Region Federal OCS Decommissioning

Background and Current Stats

As of March 2023, there are eight (8) offshore facilities (production platforms) in various stages of decommissioning and have had multiple owners and operators. These platforms were installed between 1967 and 1987.

  1. Platform Harvest, Hidalgo and Hermosa: All 46 wells have been abandoned and tested. All 62 conductors have been removed. This stage of activity has been completed.
  2. Platform Grace: Twenty-eight (28) wells have been abandoned and 38 conductors have been removed, ten of which did not contain wells. This stage of activity has been completed.
  3. Platform Gail: Temporary abandonments have been completed on 24 wells by placing cement plugs isolating the producing zones and additional plugs up to the mudline. Activities continue to complete the abandonments for the four remaining wells. Chevron anticipates that this well work will be completed in April which will be immediately followed by the removal of the 28 conductors associated with these wells.
  4. Platform Habitat: Well abandonment activities for the 20 shut-in wells are planned to begin by 2024, following preliminary facility and rig modifications and well diagnostics.
  5. Platforms Hogan and Houchin: These platforms are currently being manned, monitored and maintained as part of an agreement between BSEE, BOEM, DOI Solicitors Office, and the three predecessor lessees as they await a decision on the predecessors’ appeal to the IBLA. BSEE estimates an approximately $5 million deficit in financial assurance to decommission 21 orphaned sidetrack wells associated with these platforms.
  6. PEIS Decommissioning: The Draft Programmatic EIS for Decommissioning Activities in the Pacific OCS Region was released in October 2022 with the public comment period ending January 10th, 2023. A public final PEIS and a decision document are planned by September 2023.


Platform Grace, located several miles off the California coast near Oxnard.