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Study of Weathering and Photooxidation of 5 MPRI Oils to Create Stable Water-in-Oil Emulsions at Ohmsett for BSEE

Project Number
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BSEE & Applied Research Associates
Principal Investigator
Karen Stone & Alan Guarino
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BSEE is participating in a lab protocol study investigating the development of water-in-oil emulsions (emulsions) using a common set of oils and predefined conditions to compare the variability of emulsion properties based on lab protocols. Ultimately, the results will inform numerical models. BSEE is working with Applied Research Associates at its Ohmsett facility to further its capability to produce customizable, repeatable emulsions at the lab-, drum-, and tank-scales. BSEE's Ohmsett protocol involves characterizing the stability of the emulsions based on particle size analysis. This study will be conducted in the Ohmsett Chemistry Lab and in the main Ohmsett tank with natural sunlight and wave energy.

Latest progress update

The lab-scale study is complete, and Ohmsett's results are included in an AMOP paper that outlines the inter-laboratory measurements, protocols and preliminary results. Analysis and conclusions from the study was included in a combined inter-laboratory report. The tank phase of the study itook place in September 2022. Three lanes separated physically with booms and mechanically with water turbines were installed in the Ohmsett tank allowing the oils to weather and photooxidize on the tank simultaniously. A report detailing the tank-scale effort is underway.